Industrial Internet of Things

proIoT (Internet of Things) has been Protocols strength using our specialized solutions like proAMR™ and proEMS™ for Manufacturing Sector and proAMR™ for Electrical Utility applications using wireless communications making data sharing even easier than before by linking devices directly to Centralized Software systems using current technologies like PSTN, SMS, GSM and GPRS, and ensuring smooth transition future technologies like CDMA and 3G/4G

IOT Products
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  • No Easy access to Information / Data from remote systems
  • No Predictive maintanance for equipments
  • No resolution to conflict management for remote assets like energy meters, machine OEMs, fleet, fuel dispensing systems, water distribution, retail, pipeline leak detection, etc
  • Large expenditure (travel, resources, etc) to support remote sites and installations


  • Customizable Industry ready gateways designed for intended applications
  • Works with all major cloud systems (AWS, Azure)
  • Uses communication standards like MQTT, REST API and customized embeded systems


  • Easily access of Information
  • Remote Management thus Faster Decision Making
  • Improved efficiency
  • Optimised Asset Utilisation
  • Improved UpTime
  • Connected Eco System
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