Our proOPC™ solutions is based on the association with internationally acclaimed companies like MATRIKON, Kepware, Software ToolBox, and Cogent which have allowed us to expand our communication gateway solutions and providing varied OPC legacy and UA to our customers. Our large OPC Servers repository as well as OPC Products from these companies allows our customers across vertical markets to access data from almost any Automation system available and transfer it to any standard IT database platform.

OPC Products
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  • Too many systems with different OEMs and varied technologies
  • Information extraction from proprietary communication interfaces
  • Unable to share data between production and business systems
  • Different Operating systems hence require Network Permissions and thus security concerns due to strict IT Policies


  • proOPC ensures - OPC UA, DA, OPC AE (Alarm & Events) and OPC HDA
  • Easy to use, user configurable UI for data mapping and forwarding further to 3rd party software’s
  • Data can be made available to and from Excel / IoT Cloud / Database
  • Custom driver development to read data from proprietary hardware / controllers with minimal or no coding


  • Real-time plant-floor information in a consistent manner
  • Multi-OEM interoperability
  • Plug-and-play connectivity to industrial automation
  • Single link to Level II Systems like ERP or other business systems
  • Plant data to OBBC compliant Database without any coding or programming language skill set
  • SMS alerts over SMS Gateway
  • ERP/SAP Integration
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