SCADA, HMI and Mobile Alarm System

Our proSCADA™ solution is based on Progea’s MOVICON platform and uses their platform to build over 3000 SCADA solutions for customers is almost every manufacturing vertical like Steel, Cement, Foods, Renewal Energy, Pharma, Nuclear, Automobiles, etc. The MOVICON platform helps us providing simple, light and yet complex applications for customers with all the latest technologies available on their fingertips.

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  • Too many systems with different OEMs and varied technologies
  • No Consolidated Reports / Dashboards to help understand system as a whole
  • Data Errors / Validation issues due to manual entry from / to ERP systems
  • Inability to integrate legacy systems due to Warranty Expiry threats from existing OEMs


  • Provides latest in visualization and is device / OEM independent
  • Ensures all communicable devices in the factory / shop floor
  • Data can be viewed in Web (HTML5) as well as Mobile Apps (Ready to use mobile App)
  • Powerful and unparalleled graphics visualization with WPF/XAML vector graphics editor, 2D and 3D graphics, in-inclusive toolbox and libraries packed with a wide spectrum of customizable graphics supporting the most popular multimedia formats


  • Almost 100+ device drivers available by default for free
  • Strong Device Integration experience ensures Legacy OPC as well as OPC UA, Gateway or long-distance data can be made available to a central software
  • Visualization and control over the Internet using HTML5 in any Browser, or with APPs for Tablets or Smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows APP)
  • Superior 2D and 3D graphics features
  • ERP/SAP Integration

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