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Our proMES™ solutions are driven by Open Data’s platform OPERA which has moved simple data collection to the next level. Manufacturing customers have been demanding more than simple MIS solutions to instantly analyse shop floor production efficiency based on multiple factors like real time machine performance, operator involvement, quality and maintenance. The proMES™ solution uses the OPERA platform to bring better transparency on production as well as to bridge the gap between the ERP and Automation segments.

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  • Manufacturing operations are NOT agile (efficient enough) to respond quickly to changing process events, customer requirements, market conditions and equipment status
  • OEE/KPI calculations only done per machine and not for the whole Process. Also missing for the plant as a complete unit
  • OEE/KPI missing for Labour performance measurement
  • ERP KPI based on assumed values
  • No Realtime KPI data available for quick resolutions
  • No Realtime material consumption patterns available for just-in-time manufacturing


  • Our solution works on 15-year-old open and customizable platform called "Opera MES"
  • Automate the production processes by integrating machines, sensors, measurement tools, equipment, devices, SCADA, HMI. terminals, printers, etc to the network
  • Equip operators with PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc. that must be connected to the network and be constantly online
  • Abolish “Pens and Papers” to transmit information, that means, to avoid sending information like designs, instructions, notes to operators on papers, reporting any information by filling up paper document and identifying any type of material trough labels, etc
  • To ensure IT systems like Quality, Maintenance, LIMS, etc connect machines and people in line with Industry 4.0 concepts
  • Seamless dynamic integration of data between Shop floor and ERP


  • MES can reduce manufacturing cycle time by an average of 45%
  • MES can reduce data entry time, usually by 75% or more
  • MES can reduce Work in Progress (WIP) an average of 24%
  • MES can reduce paperwork between shifts an average of 61%
  • MES can reduce lead time by an average of 27%
  • MES can reduce paperwork and blueprint losses an average of 56%
  • MES can reduce product defects an average of 18%
  • Seamless Shop floor to ERP/SAP Integration
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